Please accept our apologies for the lack of photographs of The

Mindfulness Garden in the making.  We have all been working

very long hours with 5am starts and 10pm finishes!

The garden is looking fantastic, and the planting is wild!  Martin’s

landscaper, Chris Holland, has had a tough job interpreting Martin’s

idea, but we are there and it is great.  Thanks to Chris and his endless

patience and skill.

Martin designed the planting to look like a horticultural

Jackson Pollock painting with wild splashes of colour and trails of floral paint.

It really is colourful.  This wildness, out of control planting, reflects the

chaos of modern life.  I have the plant list for you, be warned it is long!

Neepta ‘Six Hills Giant’

Papaver ‘Pattys Plum’

Geums – ‘Mrs Bradshaw’, ‘Lady Stratheden’, ‘Cooky’ and ‘Totally Tangering@

Vicna minor Atropurpurea

Aquilegia ‘Black Barlow’ ‘Crimson Star’ and ‘Kristall’

Veronica ‘Tissington White’

Digitalis ‘ Camelot Cream’

Eyrsimum ‘ bowles mauve’

Astrantia ‘roma’

Doronicum ‘Finese’

Briza Media

Deschampsia caespitose

Campanula ‘blue planet’

The BBC are filming the garden live at 12.30pm on Monday.

All very excited and looking forward to the judging and nervous about medal giving.


Thank you to Bonnie Davies and Davies Brother Nurseries for

supplying all the plants.

Photos to follow…I promise.