Things are hotting up (the only thing that is) with the making of The Mindfulness Garden, FR6.  We have a polytunnel full of 750 ornamental grasses.  They may be staying in the tunnel for alittle while yet.  We need a bit more sunshine to bring them outside.


Bonnie Davies of Davies Brothers Nursery is doing a great job bring on all the plants for the garden.  A plant list to follow.

Yesterday Martin and Matthew started putting the polish stainless steel tunnel together and constructing the frame work.  Even at this early stage it is obviously the Martin concept is going to work fantastically well.  The finished result will be very dramatic.


The Posh Shed Company have offered to provide us with one of their shed for The Martin Cook Studio trade stand at Chelsea.  We are very excited about it.  The Posh Shed Company make a fantastic range of bespoke sheds.  You can take a look on . Well worth a look.