Bucks Open Studio at Wycombe Court House, Lane End comes to an end this Sunday.  It has been the most successful show to date for the talented artists.  It is highly recommend to make a visit to see the work of this talented group.  The standard of the ceramics, sculptures, paintings and jewellery is so high, the popularity and the huge number of red dots is no surprise!

Martin has been giving a carving demonstration in the beautiful gardens.  The show is held at the home of one of the artists, Julie Wetenhall.  Her fantastic home and workshop makes a perfect venue for the exhibition.  Homemade cakes and tea is also any added bonus!!

The talented group consists of Julie Wetenhall, Caroline Selvey, John Ashton, Sarah Jane Bennett, Steve Woodbridge, Sue Fawthrop, Tim Robinson and now Martin Cook.

Thanks to everyone who has been to see Martin during Bucks Open Studios.  It has been great to see so many valued clients!

Hope to see you over the next few days.

See photos of the show in my earlier Blog, ‘Wycombe Court Artists’.

Wycombe Court Artists, Wycombe Court House, Church Road, Lane End, HP14 3HG