Portland stone relief carved panel

Portland Stone relief carved panel This large carved Portland stone panel depicts The Buddha sitting under the Bohdi Tree.  I made this for our own kitchen.  It was a pleasure to make and it looks fantastic under the lighting. It is very rare that I make a piece as a personal indulgence.  My studio is [...]

Hand carved slate memorials

Hand carved slate memorials Martin Cook creates beautiful individually designed Welsh slate headstones from his Buckinghamshire studio. Each Welsh slate headstone is designed and carved by hand. Martin Cook only uses the best Welsh slate to create his headstones.  He travels to the Welsh quarries to personally select the very best pieces of slate for [...]

Architectural Lettering

Architectural Lettering Architectural Lettering by Martin Cook Over Martin's long and varied career he has had the priviledge of working with some great architects to design and carve fantastic lettering that will stand the test of time.  He is greatest commission was from Sir Norman Forster to carve the lettering and inlaid floor at the [...]

Slate Headstone

Slate Headstone Slate Headstone By Martin Cook slate headstone by Martin Cook Studio This elegant slate headstone was installed yesterday.  Martin Cook originally carved it several years ago and he has just added an additional inscription. Martin uses the very best Welsh slate for his memorials, headstones, standing stones, sundials and garden art.  [...]

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Hand carved inscription at Dulwich Picture Gallery

Hand carved inscription, Dulwich Picture Gallery Earlier this week Martin spent the day on his knees producing this hand carved inscription at Dulwich Picture Gallery. Martin has created many hand carved inscriptions for the Dulwich Picture Gallery over the years.  Martin's hand carving can also been seen on his largest project to date, The Great [...]

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