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Lettering in wood by Martin Cook

Lettering in wood by Martin Cook Hand carved lettering wood by Martin Cook Martin hand carves lettering on natural British stone such as slate, limestone, Portland stone and Cumbrian slate.  However he is also very well know the design and making of lettering carved in wood.   carved lettering in wood by martin cook [...]

Slate Memorials

Slate Memorials Riven Slate Memorials Sometimes a smooth finish to a slate memorial does not reflect the character of the loved one remembered.  Many of Martin Cook's clients decide to have a natural slate memorial but made from riven slate. A more natural and rustic feel than other slate memorials. Here are a few examples [...]

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Architectural Lettering

Architectural Lettering Architectural Lettering by Martin Cook Over Martin's long and varied career he has had the priviledge of working with some great architects to design and carve fantastic lettering that will stand the test of time.  He is greatest commission was from Sir Norman Forster to carve the lettering and inlaid floor at the [...]

Slate House Signs

Slate House Signs Welsh Slate House Signs hand carved by Martin Cook Martin Cook uses the finest slate to create individual, beautiful house signs.  Each one designed to compliment the style of the clients home.  Welsh slate is perfect for producing fine hand carved lettering.  All Martin's designs are hand drawn at the drawing board, [...]

Portland Stone Headstone

Portland Stone Headstone Portland stone headstone hand carved limestone Have just uncovered an image of  this lovely Portland Stone Headstone that was made a few years ago.  The relief carving is beautiful and the hand carved lettering makes a very elegant memorial. Here are a few more examples of beautifully hand carved Portland [...]

Slate Headstone

Slate Headstone Slate Headstone By Martin Cook slate headstone by Martin Cook Studio This elegant slate headstone was installed yesterday.  Martin Cook originally carved it several years ago and he has just added an additional inscription. Martin uses the very best Welsh slate for his memorials, headstones, standing stones, sundials and garden art.  [...]

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Hand Carved Slate

Hand Carved Slate Martin Cook is currently creating hand carved artworks for The Bohun Gallery Christmas Exhibition, Henley-on-Thames. Martin has successfully exhibited at The Bohun Gallery in Henley-on-Thames  for over 15 years.  The title of the show this year is 'All Around The World'.  Martin has created two pieces.  One is a beautifully hand made [...]

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Hand carved Welsh slate house sign

Hand carved Welsh slate house sign This hand carved Welsh slate house sign was designed by Martin Cook for a client who did not want a run of the mill sign.  Normandy House is a beautiful, elegant house and a house sign to enhance that was necessary. Martin Cook used the very best Welsh slate [...]

Riven Welsh Slate standing stone by Martin Cook

Riven Welsh Slate Standing Stone by Martin Cook This elegant 8' high riven Welsh slate standing stone by Martin Cook was recently installed in the clients garden.  It was a private commission, a gift to Martin's clients husband. This riven Welsh slate standing stone was designed and hand carved by Martin Cook at his Buckinghamshire [...]

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